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Originally Posted by directioneng View Post
People who sign that waiver would not care about the affect on others and would do what they want to do. This is the main problem we have now.
If all the distancing and other requirements were being carried out by everyone things would be very different.
Originally Posted by Fleetlord View Post
That’s correct, but there would no treatment for them if they contract the virus.

I agree with you, btw....I would hope it wouldn’t come to any of that, but as long as the virus is about, there is no normal, so if people really want to choose to do what they want, they can’t ask healthcare workers to bear the brunt of their choices.
Sounds like we might have a compromise here. Here’s my idea.

I and millions of others will sign the waiver and then things can go back to normal right away. If this virus ends up being just a little worse than the flu then all you guys who were on board for all this have to pay the trillions of dollars that have been completely vaporized by this current action. If it’s worse by far than a normal flu and the death rate goes well above 100,000 then we waived our rights to treatment.

By the way I assure you that I care as much if not more about life than most people on the planet. I am highly passionate about life. You realize one can be passionate about life and preserving it and at the same time believe all this is being blown way out of proportion right? I’m tired of people I disagree with accusing me of being ignorant or not caring about other peoples lives. That’s not an argument. Besides it only seems like it works when that accusation is being displayed in a room where they are the majority. Kind of like this thread.

Just don’t understand why dissent is so disrespected and put down here.
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