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Originally Posted by TheVTCGuy View Post
Very well expressed Bret. I agree with some of what you say. I understand this is a very serious situation, and I am taking appropriate measures, (staying at home, washing my hands etc. ) but I am of the personal belief that the outcome will not be nearly as horrible as a lot of people on here seem to try and make us accept. Yes, it is bad, and yes, we all have to make adjustments, but call me an optimist, I believe we will not achieve the 250,000 deaths some forecast for this virus nor that the four horses of the apocalypse are on their way. I have no medical training to back this up, just a belief that while this is a bad illness, we will persevere. I have fought in a war. I have seen the terrible things and the good things humans can do. I just believe we can and will over-come this.

I think all of us, even those that express a terrible outcome, should be hoping (praying) I am right.
Thank you. I donít think theyíll get anywhere near 240,000 either. Also keep in mind that unfortunately they are counting any death in some of these hot zones as caused by coronavirus. Thatís definitely going to mix these numbers up since we lose about 8000 people a day already.
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