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Originally Posted by Patton250 View Post
It’s been my understanding that they’ve always assumed the same amount of people we’re going to die no matter what we do. They just wanted to do it over a longer period of time to not overwhelm the hospitals. It’s true they say that more lives would be saved by not overwhelming the hospitals but those are estimated by models of which are very own dr. Fauci said just the other day we shouldn’t count on models anymore.
That's right. The virus will be around until it either runs out of victims or we have an effective vaccine, no matter what we do.

Less people die if it happens over a longer time period with a coping health care system, but how much less is anybody's guess.

Sweden chose not to "destroy the house to kill the fly", so we will know soon enough if we were overreacting or not.

Mother Nature doesn't care either way. Hopefully we will be better prepared the next time...
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