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Originally Posted by ts3 View Post
Not to hijack the thread but this doesn't surprise me, even more so if coming from a Rolex diver. I am always a little puzzled how some people like both the Hulk and the 5711. One is a substantial and robust (and in case of the Hulk pretty loud) sports / tool watch with a magnifier for the date (that you either love or don't) while the other is an elegant, dressy sports (or sporty dress) watch that is obviously more subtle, less substantial, and less robust (especially in terms of getting banged up). Completely different design goals and languages.
To be honest, and I think I can speak for Doctok as well, it's not a matter of elegance. It just doesn't feel like an expensive, luxury watch becoming of it's price. For example, the 15202 and the steel Bulgari ultra thin are elegant, yet feel robust and worth the price.
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