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Originally Posted by SROB View Post
Following up on last posts - my everyday is a Rolex Sub, ceramic, occasionally a Speedy... have never handled a 5167... but am on a waitlist for a 5167r - think I'll be disappointed?

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I don't have a 5167, but I've owned a 5066 (the first but one Aquanaut) from new since the late '90s. For many years it was my only watch and still gets worn a disproportionately large amount of the time.

The thing about the Aquanaut line generally is that they are, hands-down, the most comfortable watches I've ever worn. They are light as a feather, incredibly thin, and the tropical strap is forgiving in a way no steel bracelet could ever be, without the fragility of leather. They're not 'bling' - there's little ornamentation to wow you on first meeting (though the 516x watches have the sunburst dial vs the 506x's rubber, I find the latter versions to have too much dead-space on the dial, personally) - but I'd wager that for many after a reasonable period of familiarisation, they become their favourite watch. It's high-horology for the everyday.

I very much doubt you'd be disappointed.
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