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Originally Posted by _speedmaster_ View Post
To be honest, and I think I can speak for Doctock as well, it's not a matter of elegance. It just doesn't feel like an expensive, luxury watch becoming of it's price.
Yes - thank you @_speedmaster_ for clarifying my point so well.

I was only using the Sub as a point of comparison in a Forum where a Rolex Sub as a reference point is pretty well established.
To be honest, I did not want to totally cause mass hysteria and conflict describing my opinion of how I think the 5711 compared on the days I swapped briefly with him with a AP ROO Diver, IWC 5001-13, AP ROO Rubberclad, Panerai 335, IWC Aquatimer Cousteau.
ALL completely different TYPES of watches.

The whole purpose with this thread is to state those watches that have disappointed when held/ owned/ seen in the metal.
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