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Originally Posted by HiBoost View Post
I always hear that JLC is the "watchmaker's watchmaker" but I'm curious for those of you who actually make your living as a watchmaker, what brand is your top pick and why? I'm hoping to get into some technical points here (which is why I posted in this subforum) as to what you've seen in the brand that intrigues you.

I always thought that JLC as "the watchmaker's watchmaker" was in reference to how many high-end houses sourced JLC movements for their pieces.

FWIW, the watchmaker at one of the ADs I was in recently had an amazingly beautiful vintage red Sub that he'd completely overhauled himself.

Originally Posted by poweredbyjae View Post
I had the fortune of meeting a couple watchmakers from the Horological Society of NY this past month. For what its worth, they were wearing a IWC Portugieser and vintage JLC respectively. (or at least I thought it was a JLC)
Please tell me that the Portugieser was the 7-day, not the Chrono...
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