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Lots of good ideas here but some of them were followed and the guys still got burned. To sell here you have to become a Pledge member. You Pay with Paypal. From what I remember setting up Paypal was a real PITA back in the day. So the people that run this forum have some control on how this works.

Do the Moderators give the Paypal info of the Seller to the person that got scammed? Can there instead be say a $15 Paypal fee and also a $10 Credit Card fee? Make it multiple charges where the person's identity has to match on each one. Or make it a 1-2 year stay here with say 100+ post with content (not just smiley faces building up post counts) before they can sell anything. If they love watches they will stick around.

There's plenty of other venues for selling other than here. We should protect the guys here at all costs without making it labor intensive for the mods. There has to be a safer way. I want to feel comfortable buying and selling here and this one just hit me the wrong way.
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