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Originally Posted by 007timer View Post
That is exactly what happened. The seller "Scammer/Thief/Piece of $hit" had two watches on him. A genuine Submariner and a fake one. The watch maker and I were first presented with the genuine watch. When the seller held the watch and made the call, the watch was switched with the fake one. Hence the quick hands in the title.

The unfortunate part of this is people on the Forum still talk about checking the movement. The one that was inspected was 1000% genuine. Once I was given the piece of mind and security, they switched it. I had no reason to suspect anything for as long as I had it. Although a fake and I will never wear it, it keeps accurate time while on the winder. One less reason to suspect anything after the fact.

Bottom line, its a hard lesson learned. I just hope others can benefit from my experience by shielding them from a similar scam. You should hear the horror stories of Gold Traders with fake gold hitting the market.
Iím sorry for your loss, and the worst part is that you can never prove that he switched the watches.
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