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Originally Posted by Vince KSA View Post
Just paid USD 18,200 from an AD in Saudi Arabia for a SS Daytona Ceramic white 116500LN.

Thats GBP14,000 and a whacking GBP 4000 over UK list price. I was happy to pay as it is an AD, I refuse to inflate by using the grey dealers. Just was surprised at the variation across the globe. Has anyone else experienced such huge differences in prices from ADs?

On the upside I waited only 1 year!

In the UK it is 4-5 years minimum waiting lists, with a lot of dealers refusing to add further names to the list.
I recently paid USD 15,400 (GBP 12,500) from an AD in Saudi for the new batman 126710BLNR. So over GBP 5000 over the UK list price..similarly though I did not have to wait long to get it!
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