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Originally Posted by JasoninDenver View Post
We do it all the time. they are called Advanced Medical Directives and most states allow them to specifically decline advanced life saving treatments such as mechanical ventilation. The only problem is medical staff need to have it in hand or on file before initiating care and that rarely happens in emergency situations.
I would link the free participant / no treat Covid-19 waiver to the State ID, like an organ donor. So it would be linked like that.

It would have to very strictly enforced.

No Covid-19 Treatment means just that. In exchange for freedom of participation, there are no medical options for that individual presenting with the virus. 100% NO. Just mortuary arrangements if the need unfortunately arose.

But, just as strict is the stay at home for the people who opt to out of stay @ home. No messing about. There will be penalties for violations.

As dystopian as this all sounds, It would be interesting to see how it would work...
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