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The YMII took way too much heat because it was the first larger sized Rolex models. It was large and way outside what people thought of a Rolex watch back then. Now it’s size is a non issue and turns out to be the best design of the larger Rolex models for comfort and everyday wear. It’s initial reputation follows it until it is seen in real life. Then it’s elegance of design shines through and debunks all the internet misinformation.

I don’t “think” it’s going away as it sits in a unique place within the Rolex line up. It never had to be a high volume watch as it is a showcase of Rolex technical abilities. Rolex can sell the other mainstream models like the Sub, DJ41, GMT, etc.. to the masses and keep the high complicated models directed to a different demographic of buyer.

I hate speculating but a watch like the YMII with its already high msrp and it being pushed even higher in today’s climate, getting discontinued would go nuclear overnight and instantly be way out of my comfort zone. I watched prices rise since its 2017 refresh and made myself make a grail purchase in 2020. I buy my watches to own/wear and not to trade so I didn’t want to wait any longer.

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