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DavidSW hands down

Being that I work overseas as a military contractor, Iíve been looking for an everyday use Submariner. I looked at Chrono24, TRF, other vendors, etc.. I came across DavidSW and I really liked his inventory and his prices were pretty great as well.
Long story short, I reached out to other vendors and I wasnít that convinced about doing a bank wire to a random shop then having them USPS priority mail the watch to Afghanistan. The fact that it takes anywhere from a week to a month to get mail, had me a little worried.
I read the million reviews on DavidSW and decided to reach out and ask over 10 questions hahaha. Bam! I was convinced!! On 11/08 l did the wire transfer and the following day I get confirmation from David that he mailed out the watch. Good news, today 11/17 I received a scratch free, amazing looking 16610 Z series.

David thank you so much for your honesty and amazing service. My near future watch will be from him!

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