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Originally Posted by Gaijin View Post
You can say that they are not rare and of course they are not vintage yet but when generally speaking Rolex prices continue to rise and NIB regular 16610s are selling here on this forum for $ 8,000 and GMT II Pepsis not NIB for $10,000 well you can call it hype but the bottom line the value is what the market will allow.

Whether we agree that they are rare or not the fact is there are people willing to pay a premium for them and someday if they want to sell them somebody else will pay them even more than they paid to get one.
Originally Posted by Gaijin View Post
A NIB NOS 16610 non LV for sale here for $8,350. A NIB NOS Seadweller for $8,650. Are they rare? No. Are they discontinued. Yes. Will the prices continue to rise. For sure.
I agree with Gaijin here his observation

He separated nicely between rarity, desirability and market demand and hence the price..
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