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Originally Posted by jonathanwittlaw View Post
Seems confusing but there are plenty of lawsuits out there that explain why its considered counterfeit when you sell a Rolex that has a custom part or is altered or modified with non-genuine parts. For example, in the lawsuit against Melrose Jewelers, Rolex sued them for Trademark infringement and won an $8.5 million judgment and shut them down.

Read it here.

"Melrose offers for sale and sells, among other items, altered Rolex watches that bear one or more of the Rolex Registered Trademarks. Melrose s altered Rolex watches contain one or more non-genuine components (i.e. components not manufactured by Rolex, including, for example, non-genuine bezels, bracelets, and/or dials.. Melrose s altered Rolex watches have non-genuine bracelets that bear counterfeit copies of Rolex s CROWN DESIGN ( and/or ROLEX marks."

A Rolex with a non-genuine or altered part is considered ( the watch ) counterfeit - it is a fake. Even if its been disclosed.
If the non-genuine part has a Rolex registered trademark it is counterfeit (pretty sure everyone already knew that). Does that apply to parts not marked Rolex?
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