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Hi Rusi,

It very much depends on what you think about redialled watches. I personally as a collector wouldnt buy them , but some people dont mind redials.. given that you are inteersted in this redial then presumably this is not an issue for you.

The redial is not a bad one..the font is almost correct and the dial is almost correct too.. just oen or two minor points which arent that obvious.
The case is overpolished but the caseback is good and movement is clean. The crown is incorrect. The serial numbers and caseback etc match up so it isnt franken.

I think $555 is too much for this watch.. i would say if you can get it for $500 then that would be about market value for it from ebay. At a dealers it would be worth more. If you did decide to sell it down the line on ebay, you wouldnt lose any money.

You can pick up mint all original pieces for around $600 but it has taken me over a year to pick up 5 for that price and that is with looking on ebay daily for them and through private sales.
Hope this helps
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