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I got my dato there

Originally Posted by RollieKid View Post
Nice 1815

Like I mentioned before not getting a good discount on the Lange 1 and knowing that the watch's value drops by almost 50% once I leave the AD's doors is really deterring me from buying this model new.
The WoW store in Sydney is pretty good, I enjoyed speaking with the store manager Delwyn and he showed me various A.Langes. I am a huge fan and I bought my plantinum dato up/down for myself, under my wife's permission lol.

Personally for high end I prefer new ones, especially for special editions or timeless models. However for Lange 1 or others I might choose second hand if it is just for daily use.

But I wear my dato daily as it is so practical to wear. I love it and ALS does great service no nothing to worry about. Mate if you are getting one 1815 or Lange 1 is always a good start. Choose RG unless you have a hoppy collecting wG or Plantinum
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