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Originally Posted by AK797 View Post
Agree the mvmnt cannot be faked so you should have no trouble finding the real thing. Preowned or new with a large discount for sure, as just knowing your watch has dropped 30-40% in value will ruin your ownership experience of such a luxury quality product.
Greetings, fellow watch connoisseurs!

I am new here and have a couple of questions that I hope others will be able to shed some light on. I am interested in acquiring either a Lange 1 or a Grand Lange 1 and am thinking that buying pre-owned from a reputable source would be a good strategy for my first Lange. This brings to mind the following questions:

Do A. Lange watches depreciate more than other high end brands?

Is 30-40% depreciation between new and pre-owned typical for high end watches across the board?

If you buy a pre-owned Lange and want to have it cleaned, lubricated and adjusted, what does that kind of service cost (for example) for a Lange 1 or Grand Lange 1 from a reputable watchmaker?

Any insight into these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!
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