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Originally Posted by Dawg2 View Post
Interesting that there are cased being reported of reinfection by COVID19.

This whole situation is very odd and I don't feel we are getting full disclosure.

It won't be long before domestic air travel is severely curbed it halted.

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I don’t think it is intentional that the “reinfections” are not being highlighted. So much is new to the professionals handling COVID-19.

Here is an article I saw earlier but chose not to post when I saw it:

The reason was the very low number of instances and they were well inside the realm of diagnostic and/or testing error rate. That is, a patient who recovers is then tested positive again but non-symptomatic. This needs some deep research that will take time.

Right now at .2% it isn’t the priority in China - they need to curb the outbreak as #1 methinks.

Air travel will grind down as the airlines cancel flights due to low or no demand to certain destinations. For the time being in USA, I think the focus is on efforts to stem the tide of new cases as much as possible.

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Does anyone really know what time it is?
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