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Originally Posted by gmh1013 View Post
Last night i was talking with a friend who is thinking way ahead about food shortages and came up with what would i do since i live alone if people start breaking into homes to steal food and supplies and medicine? I told him yes that is a worst case and maybe several months away. Ive read we dont have that much food in supply and if it was would be disrupted in some way it could get nasty....but im betting on a vaccine before that happens....lets just hope the vaccine come into play the sooner the better.
I have read that we have a lot of food on hand. The difficulty is keeping up with people stocking up. Seriously would not spend time worrying about this.

Try to strike a balance. Get a reasonable amount of staples that keep - canned goods, etc and put them aside for a rainy day. And look out for your neighbor, and hopefully they will look out for you. Simple things, but they work.

Stay safe.
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