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Good point. The clasp arrived over the weekend. It looks and feels like SS OEM. Even though it came with spring bars, I have my own that I trust. I won't pass judgement until I get the strap and assemble. Even then, I'll wear it carefully.

I have had dozens of Planet Oceans. The fact that I even bought an aftermarket clasp that has Omega markings on it makes my stomach turn. It's one thing to do something completely unique. It's another to try and pass aftermarket off as original.

I will eventually get the correct part from Omega and make it "right". I record order numbers, supporting documentation and keep all packaging when ordering OEM parts. $380 was just a tough pill to swallow after shelling out $5K for the watch. Especially for a piece I could have had $1K cheaper 18 months ago.

Meanwhile, I'm glad I have the bracelet version. The strap/clasp combo is much easier to acquire than the full titanium bracelet after the fact.
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