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Originally Posted by joeychitwood View Post
None of us, including you, knows where this pandemic is headed. But I doubt that we will be looking on the sunny side of this event in two weeks. No person in the medical field thinks so. I might have missed it if you’ve posted this earlier, but what qualifies you as an expert on medicine, politics and the media?
You missed absolutely nothing. I’m an expert at none of these things. I’m am an expert at residential HVAC and that has nothing to do with medicine, politics or media. However I follow politics and media very closely and have many observations. Especially on media.

You on the other hand have claimed to be very knowledgeable with medicine and I very much believe you. I appreciate your thoughts on all of this however you also have been predicting the absolute worst on this crisis since the beginning. I’m simply asking you (and have a couple of other times as well with no answer) your opinion on the death toll for Americans over the next year. Thats all.
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