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Originally Posted by Patton250 View Post
Just about every post from him has been as scary as one can read IMO.
I think if you go back and read every one of my posts, I have expressed fear about the outcomes of this pandemic, and said that it is the scariest situation I've seen since becoming a physician in 1982. But I've not claimed to know how many people will be afflicted or killed by the virus.

Originally Posted by Patton250 View Post
You on the other hand have claimed to be very knowledgeable with medicine and I very much believe you. I appreciate your thoughts on all of this however you also have been predicting the absolute worst on this crisis since the beginning. .
I'm as knowledgeable as any other fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians about the aspects of the pandemic that have been made public. But I have NOT been predicting the absolute worst. I've only said that this crisis has the POTENTIAL to be very serious, and that rosy predictions of minimal problems by many at the beginning of the pandemic were almost certainly wrong.
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