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Originally Posted by TheVTCGuy View Post
I just donít believe this number, I believe you heard it but I canít believe a first-world nation like the UK would suffer this much. Modern medicine has eliminated Polio, TB, even cured some forms of cancer. I donít believe with all the resources and knowledge at our disposal any modern country would suffer this much from an influenza. If this were some laboratory-created super microbe (think of the movie ďI am LegendĒ) maybe, but I honestly feel with public measures and medicinal experts working around the clock it will not get this bad.
Ok, do you believe this?:

1543 cases and 55 deaths.

Given the UK policy on this it is perfectly reasonable to expect them to have tens of millions of cases and it follows that it is perfectly reasonable to expect hundreds of thousands of deaths. Let's hope a vaccine is developed before that happens, there is promising work being done in that direction.
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