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Originally Posted by Zakalwe View Post
Seasonal ‘flu mortality is estimated at about 0.1% (upper limit) but calculating the total number of cases in any given year requires a degree of guesswork so I wouldn’t hang my hat on that figure.

Bear in mind the CV19 mortality rate isn’t really 5% because far, far more people have contracted the virus than have tested positive for it. We haven’t got a hope of knowing exactly how many until there’s a reliable antibody test.
Excellent point. I guess no one really knows how accurate the “numbers” are right now. And as I pointed out, I believe many of those deaths attributed to Corona would have occurred with or without the Corona Virus. I am not belittling ANY one’s passing, and pray for those that have moved on to RIP, but I feel a lot of those that are vulnerable would have passed with a “regular” influenza or had other issues that would have caused their death. Let’s all hope the numbers, whatever they may be, are reduced and brought to zero as soon as possible.

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