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Originally Posted by Zakalwe View Post
The flip side is Iím certain there are lots of CV deaths that are going unrecorded.

I went to a mortuary on Friday that Iíve been to many times in the past. Their fridges were full to the brim and the undertaker confirmed to me they had 2-3x more bodies than they usually would at this time of year. As these were deaths in the community itís unlikely any wouldíve been tested for Coronavirus meaning their cause of death wouldnít be recorded as such.
I just donít see how thatís possible. At least not to the extent or even close to what they are saying in this article I posted. Seems in this environment they are much more likely to count a natural death by cardiac arrest or finally succumbing to lung cancer etc. as being caused by coronavirus. Itís been reported all over the place thatís exactly whatís happening in Italy.
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