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Originally Posted by Patton250 View Post
I just don’t see how that’s possible. At least not to the extent or even close to what they are saying in this article I posted. Seems in this environment they are much more likely to count a natural death by cardiac arrest or finally succumbing to lung cancer etc. as being caused by coronavirus. It’s been reported all over the place that’s exactly what’s happening in Italy.
I certainly can’t speak for your neck of the woods, or anywhere else I suppose. Here, as long as the death is natural and the physician who knows the patient feels he/she is able to have a decent stab at the cause of death, they can issue a death certificate and the Coroner does not need to get involved. Just this past week I certified a nursing home resident as having died of a “lower respiratory tract infection” (with a confirmed case of CV19 in the same home). In the current climate it is pretty likely she died of COVID-19 but in the absence of laboratory evidence it went unrecorded as such. Everything reported in the news relating to mortality generally reflects what’s going on in hospitals, but hereabouts more people die in the community.
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