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Originally Posted by 666 Bandit View Post
John, I am not trying to give you attitude, please don't take it that way. I am just trying to make sense of the information. I explained the way I beleived it was from what I know & what I have seen. The idea of a material that only lets helium pass is not impossible because it is a very small molecule, hence its ability to get inside the watch in the first place. I have seen several HEV valves that have a screw down crown which closely resemble the patent listed. Either way please accept my apology if you beleive I gave you an attitude, it really is not worth arguing over.
Sorry Bandit, I was juggling 4 or 5 things at once, I had a customer that didn't need anything unless he saw that I was busy at the computer in which case he had a dumb question, I just posted when I should not have, please accept my apology.

Here's a little info:

I'll post some more about this soon.

Originally Posted by gan1hck View Post
You that I've thought about this topic for a little....

Why do we need the HEV at all?????

Why not just unscrew the crown when you're decompressing?
That works too... It also works in reverse... Our Dive Doc (old navy guy) was a sadist... He would take newbies down fast to over 200 ft on air in the chamber and get them narced, Doc would then convince them their watch had the incorrect time and have them adjust it while at depth. As soon as the crown was screwed back down he'd bring them up fairly fast (just a dry bounce dive, little or no deco) and blow the crystal off. It was one of Doc's favorite tricks...
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