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Originally Posted by JohnEaton View Post
Sorry Bandit, I was juggling 4 or 5 things at once, I had a customer that didn't need anything unless he saw that I was busy at the computer in which case he had a dumb question, I just posted when I should not have, please accept my apology.

Here's a little info:

I'll post some more about this soon.

That works too... It also works in reverse... Our Dive Doc (old navy guy) was a sadist... He would take newbies down fast to over 200 ft on air in the chamber and get them narced, Doc would then convince them their watch had the incorrect time and have them adjust it while at depth. As soon as the crown was screwed back down he'd bring them up fairly fast (just a dry bounce dive, little or no deco) and blow the crystal off. It was one of Doc's favorite tricks...
That's HILARIOUS....I used to be a Navy doc...worked with a guy who free dove (from a chamber) at 1000 feet....he had some pretty cool stories...but that wasn't one of them.
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