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Originally Posted by james272 View Post
Yep, I had a 5726 on a strap - traded it off after about 6mos. For me I thought it was way too thick ( compared to 5711 or 12) also didnít like alligator strap on sports watch.0n a bracelet for either 12 or 26 would be much better. If you could get a 5726 Blue , that would be great! Just my thoughts.
Much appreciated. I watched a really useful comparison video by Watchbox (, and it does look a lot thicker.

Did you find the 5726A heavier compared with a 5712/26 on a bracelet?? I like the fact that it is thicker and SS.

Yes, the blue is something else. The release of the blue dial seemed to send the rest of the range into price orbit. I get the sense the 5726A is an acquired taste due to color and strap.
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