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If you have the slightest doubt about a Nautilus on a strap I would stay clear of either.

Between the two I would pick the 5712G by a country mile for its asymmetric dial and its thinness.

Apart from its thickness I don't like the AC dial design of the 5726... For one I dislike the 24h ring in contrast color which I also don't need. The fact that it is interrupted by an outsized date doesn't help. Why can't they use the same font size for the date and the day and month windows? To me this dial lacks balance and looks like an arrangement of stuff that doesn't belong together, the only requirement being symmetry.

Not that they don't know better... The dial of the 5320 PC with a date ring w/o contrast color plus a little 24h window (instead of 24h ring in contrast color and interrupted by an outsized date window) is worlds above in my eyes.
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