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Originally Posted by ts3 View Post
That will take a while for sure...

Indeed! Fear not, Iím not waiting for such an event. I think it would be 10-20 years before the watch is at the $40k mark. Then again, you never know these days. Itís crazy to think an $85K piece can be picked up for $60k. Thatís one hell of a drop.

Iím keen to see what happens with the 5726A grey pricing. I think almost all who want a 5726 want it with a bracelet and blue dial. The 5726A grey pricing is clearly lifted by the blue dial, but itís only $15k over MSRP and there are quite a few about. Yes, $15k is a lot, but a 37% mark up is a lot less than other Nautilus watches. I think the grey dial, leather strap, and bulkier case, put off many. I donít see a robust secondary market for the A, and think there are only two kinds of buyers: (1) those who really want the 5726A, which I think is small for the reasons mentioned above; and (2) those who want the full SS bracelet and have settled for a 5726A while they wait for the chance to get one.

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