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Originally Posted by The Dude View Post
Japan is like... very clean but...

If you are lucky in a public restroom you get one of these when you have to go...

If you are totally unlucky and you had something bad for lunch then you'll probably find only those puppies.... And lemme tell ya, I hope you are carrying a change of clothes.

Now, if like me... You are luckier than most, you'll get one of those comfy lazy-thrones for the reading room, the only thing it can't do is... Make a good cup of Java but for the rest, just press a button

It even has a warm seat :wink:

But try using a Microwave oven without blowing the house up....

Dude: those squat toilets are horrid. At least the one you have pictured is CLEAN. I've been to China, Thailand, and Mynmar, and believe me that one is PRISTINE compared to the one's i've seen. Ycch. Especially memorable one was outside Beijing at the Great Wall...HORRID, but sometimes, sadly, unavoidable. But you don't need to change your clothes, you just need to get a lesson on how to use 'em, but not on TRF! I mean Lisa's already had enough from the group peeing scene.
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