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Originally Posted by Fat_ninja View Post
Mortality rate is lower but incubation period is longer. Also there is a 2-3 contagion risk per person. Not to mention the hospitals being overloaded. Problem is the size is not known.

My personal view is the case load will spike much more. The estimates are significantly above what the current reported cases sre
The contagion rate is still open to debate. People are just trying to make educated guesses at this point. Hospitals are being overloaded in certain cities (I would not want to be in Wuhan). For most large cities it is business as usual in hospitals. The number of infections will spike a lot more, but if the death rate is in line with the normal flu (so far that seems to be the situation; may well change). If this remains the same it will end up being like a bad flu outbreak, but with less infections and deaths due to the measures being taken by the Chinese government.
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