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After reading the thread HOROLOGY HOUSE FAKE ROLEX 116500LN Serial 357Q00K9

I would like to share similar experience with Chris Essery. The only thing I will post on this thread is fact and you can decide for yourself.
I have purchased a 2018 Rolex GMT from him on 3th Sep 2019.
- 3th Sep 2019 $16000 was sent to him, I asked him to post it to me on 20th Sep as I was oversea.
- 23rd Sep, he claimed he sent the watch on this day, and he is oversea.
- 29th Sep, he provided the tracking code, which does not work.
- 1st Oct, He said he is in London and he is going to call the post office to investigate
- 4th Oct, he said he is in Singapore with flight delays
- 6th Oct, he said he cant find the receipt and he is going to claim it on his insurance
- 14th Oct, he said police report has been submitted
- 23rd Oct, he said the insurance company told him it will take two weeks to process the claim
- 6th Nov, “insurance company is still investigating”
- 12th Nov, He said he is going to list a back Daytona for sale and he is going to refund me first once he sell ( I suspect this is the one Shohaib bought)
- 17th Nov, he sold the Daytona but refuse to refund me the fund as “it was a trade, not cash sell”
- 20th Nov, he said he is expecting outcome from “insurance claim” tomorrow
- 3rd Dec, he said he is waiting for the claim money to hit account and he is going to transfer me $8k on the same day. ($8k transfer did not happen)
- 6th Dec, he said two lot of $5.5k was sent to me. (in fact only one lot of $5.5k was received)
- 13rd Dec, he said he is travelling again and asked me to contact him on Whatsapp.
- 13rd Dec, he said he has got another Sea Dweller that he can sell to me for $19k.
- 18th Dec, he said he is in NSW to help friend with bushfire, and will send the rest of the money to me today. ($10500)
- 20th Dec, $5000 refund received. (still $5500 outstanding)
- 20th Dec – 13th Jan, I have sent him 8 message on 5 different days and he has not replied any of the message
- 13th Jan, he sent me a photo showing a house on fire and claimed it to be his parents house and the reason for not reply my message is he is helping them out. He said he will send the rest of the fund first thing in the morning (that did not happen)
- 13th Jan, he said he will sent me a rolex wallet for the troubles (never received)
- 15th Jan, he will send me the fund tomorrow. (didn’t happen again)
- 18th Jan, received $2000 refund (still $3500 outstanding) he said the rest of fund is sending from oversea, and it could up to 5 days to arrive.
- 24th Jan, received $3275.41 refund ($224.59 outstanding), interestingly the fund is from an normal domestic transfer, not an international transfer.
- 25th Jan, received the rest of fund.
- 31st Jan, Chris called me and asked me to keep it confidential.

Like I have said, I have only posted fact in this thread. And all chat history are on my phone.
I have been an very stressful 4.5 months trying to deal with this drama.
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