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Originally Posted by mountainjogger View Post
You might want to ask the person who gave you this information the source of their facts.

The Spanish Flu was 1918.

The Spanish Flu did not kill a few hundreds of thousands. Estimates vary, but it appears to have killed between 20-50 million people.

The Spanish Flu infected about 28% of Americans, it had a mortality rate of about 2.5% or about 670,000 Americans

Yes, we have better medical care now. But on the other hand, there were not nearly that many people in the world then. And we were not as interconnected. I have no clue whether better medicine will prevail. I hope so. But I am very conerned.

Here is an article from Sanford U.

You might be right, I was speaking off the cuff. I have seen first hand medical miracles, and have faith in our capabilities... I really hope Iím right and they cut this thing off before more people die.

Meanwhile, as Iím sitting in a coffeshop it looks like California is going to mandatory take-out only! Wow!

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