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Originally Posted by TheVTCGuy View Post
True, it could reach this bad or even worse, I just think medical science will cut this off.

Shouldnít everyone hope Iím right?
I of course hope youíre right my friend.
But as I was Always told prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

Thatís the way Iím handling it, stocking up on food while my family has the chance and getting ready to hunker down. Iím in construction and my industry was just shut down for 2 weeks per the mayor.

I would also rather stay away from people because I would feel extremely guilty if I ever found out I had this virus and gave it to anyone else. I think a lot of people who arenít taking this seriously and pretending everything should be business as usual is not safe. I hope Iím wrong but like I said I would be disappointed in myself if my stupidity hurt anyone else.
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