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Just adding my experience here as well.

I was scammed out of a large sum of money a few months ago for a 114060 ND Sub. Very convincing seller on Timezone. Had hundred's of post (albeit all within a few days) and numerous email references. Sounds like my story is similar to OP's story in that the funds were wired and then the excuses started rolling in.

Seller even called me a few times to "ease" my nerves.

Eventually, he stopped responding to me. I've filed a police report and a report with the FBI, but assuming my case is "low priority", I don't expect a resolution.

After reading this thread, I've definitely picked up some good tips on verifying the seller.

I think going forward, unless I'm buying from one of the few trusted sellers on this forum, it's worth just buying a plane ticket and meeting the seller in person.
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