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Originally Posted by BigAppleBill View Post
OU vs TX (aka The Red River Shootout) is definitely an annual classic, and itís traditionally played at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas during the Texas State Fair. Though obviously played in Texas, itís considered a neutral site because Dallas is approximately halfway between Austin, TX & Norman, OK. I believe the annual OU-TX game is the only college football game still played at the Cotton Bowl.

The Cotton Bowl Classic is a different game. Itís a postseason bowl game thatís now part of the College Football Playoff. Sadly it hasnít been played at the actual Cotton Bowl since 2009. Itís played at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, home of the Dallas Cowboys.

Those earlier Cotton Bowl games commemorated by those now-vintage Rolex were old school college football. The winter weather often played a factor in the game. A much different game nowadays in the climate controlled stadium.
Yes, Jerry World is nicer stadium but something about playing outdoors seems more like football.

I would love to get my hands on one of those vintage Rolexes from Cotton Bowl game.
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