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There are two parts to bowl game watch value, I believe- intrinsic value of watch, plus whatever premium for the bowl game insignia on dial. The premium varies based on prestige of game and teams involved. For instance, the 1970 Cotton Bowl Datejust May be the most valuable. It starts with a vintage Rolex Datejust, and add in the Cotton BOwl being a major bowl, and the matchup between two blue blood programs (Texas and Notre Dame), and finish with the Horns winning a NC. I reckon the premium over a typical Datejust as being $500-$1,000 (what do you think, Richard Carver?). If the watch has an engraved name of a star on the back (say, Danny Lester), it could be more.

For most bowl games, the premium is much less- $50 to $100.

The 1976 CB matched Georgia and Arkansas, and the Tudor watches of that era are appreciating. Should be low four figures as a floor and mid four figures as a ceiling?
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