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Icon2 Vintage Seiko Reference Books and Websites

This thread started out as an answer to a question in another thread, but I think it could make an interesting thread on its own. Please contribute if you can

There are no English-language books about vintage Seiko that I know of. The best Japanese source seems to be a collection of 12 Japan Domestic Watch volumes published in the 1990s by Dragonfly Publishing. Volumes 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 featured vintage Seiko, while the others covered Citizen and a couple of lesser-known (outside Japan anyway) brands. A few years ago, all five Seiko volumes were re-released and supplemented in two single books, which is what I have (see cover pics and a few sample pages below). A Japanese/English translation App comes in handy when trying to figure out the text.

These books come up on eBay sometimes but are apparently out of print and can be very expensive – a used Volume 9 alone recently sold for $160 on eBay.

There’s a very good reference website covering the whole series at

There’s also The Seiko Book by Tokuma Shoten, which may have some English content but I have only seen a couple of pages and they were all in Japanese.

If anyone else knows any good books or has any favourite vintage Seiko websites, please put them up in this thread.

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