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Originally Posted by sokoloka View Post
Massive congratulations Raemondo! Makes me even more antsy to fly over and collect mine. Looks fantastic on you. Is the sequence out of 300 engraved anywhere or does it just say limited to 300 pieces on the watch itself?

Have to be back home in Chicago all of next week and hopefully on to Munich the week after! Who did you end up working with at the AP House there?

Thanks! AP has stopped putting the actual # on the watch as everyone wants #1 or #lastone. It just says limited to 300 on this watch per my pic.

I worked with Martin as Patrice was on vacation. Martin is very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to deliver me the watch while I was there on vacation.

Munich is beautiful, you will coincide with Oktoberfest! I live in Chicago, DM me.
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