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Originally Posted by Tony64 View Post
The original 3919 was a long running classic and was synonymous with the Patek brand long before the current entry level steel sports frenzy.

James D. Malcolmson, watch enthusiast and Robb Report contributing editor, had this to say about the Patek Calatrava 3919:

"The most recognizable Patek Philippe, this member of the classic Calatrava family is not a Patek Philippe design per se. In the early 1980s, when the brand was seeking a more effective print advertising campaign, Geneva ad man Rene Bittel suggested creating an image of a watch that would represent Patek Philippe’s prized heritage and understated sensibilities. The rendering displayed a crisp dial with Roman numerals, a gold hobnail bezel, and a distinctive small seconds hand. Patek Philippe president Philippe Stern wisely instructed the company’s watchmakers to create a real timepiece that corresponded to the ad. That watch, the Ref. 3919, quickly became the brand’s top seller."

The 5119 is the virtually identical up-sized successor to the long discontinued 3919. Despite the preferences of TRF community at large, both were extremely popular and sold in sufficient numbers that I doubt either will ever reach collector's item status - but that in no way diminishes their significance in Patek history. I suspect that will endure long after the Patek sports watch fervor fades.

Well said
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