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Originally Posted by OCROLEXGUY View Post
Hello Forum Users:

We would like to bring to your attention that there is a scammer attempting to impersonate well-known watch dealers on the Rolex Forums. The scammer is using the “Who’s Who” tab to reach out to forum users, impersonating the dealers the user referenced in their feedback. They use the email that users post in their past/current listings or from the public profile that the users have on the forum. The pattern is explained in detail below:

They use an email address that is very similar to the authentic address the dealers use in their listings.

Email Example:

The authentic email is :

The impersonator’s email:

(The L is changed to an I )

Sample Scenario:

John Doe posts feedback for a dealer in the “Who’s Who” tab and references the model of the watch he purchased. The scammer will notate the dealer name, the model of the watch, and John Doe’s email address. He will then, reach out to John impersonating that dealer, reference the details listed in the feedback and offer a few watches at a very low price. John wires the imposter the money for the watch, but never receives the watch.


We have reported this impersonator to the authorities and are taking all the necessary steps to shut him down. At this time, we ask ALL FORUM USERS to please conduct due diligence when opening emails, and always double check the exact email address of the sender.

A photo has been attached below, due to privacy we have blurred out the email address of the dealer and client.

Scary tactics by scammers revealed - thanks Patrick.

One little niggle - changing an uppercase letter in an authentic email addy to a lower case letter for an impersonator wouldn’t do it. But we get your point.

Maybe a better example would be:

The authentic email is :

The impersonator’s email:

(In this example, the 1 is changed to a lower case “I” that looks like a sans serif 1 )

Another is to put a random dot between words in the addy.

Again, thanks for the warning.

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