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Originally Posted by bearxj86 View Post
Agree on many of your points. The one thing i would say is this: There are so many stories of Rolexes going through wars, mud, accidents. We know some of their movements are military grade. We know they don't survive plane crashes (thanks to 9/11) very well and they don't survives house fires completely intact. Yes, no one has really done controlled tests of one versus the other, but with millions of rolexes out there, I think the data suggests that Rolexes are very durable as opposed to them being more durable than GS.

Moreso, most GS are not "dive watches" so its hard to imagine how much damage my 211 snowflake will take versus a James Cameron Deepsea. I can tell you that my money is on the deepsea :)

Opinions based on experience count don't they?

Absolutely, experience counts. The sheer volume of Rolex experience reinforces their reputation. I wholeheartedly agree.

That doesnít mean a GS canít take a good beating. There just arenít the numbers like Rolex to justify that kind of reputation. Iím not saying GS is equal to the task, only that there is a lack of evidence. Likewise I donít see evidence to the contrary. Iím fine with stamping that one with a big fat question mark.

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