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Originally Posted by gliderpilot View Post
That's right. The virus will be around until it either runs out of victims or we have an effective vaccine, no matter what we do.

Less people die if it happens over a longer time period with a coping health care system, but how much less is anybody's guess.

Sweden chose not to "destroy the house to kill the fly", so we will know soon enough if we were overreacting or not.

Mother Nature doesn't care either way. Hopefully we will be better prepared the next time...
From the Washington Post in their live updates section,

“The Swedish government is considering implementing more restrictions in response to the coronavirus outbreak, potentially marking a tactical shift in the hands-off approach that had set it apart from much of Europe.

As of Sunday, 6,830 people in Sweden have been confirmed to be infected with the virus, while at least 401 people have died. News agency TT reported this weekend that a backlog in deaths announced by Sweden’s Public Health Agency may mean the real death toll is higher.”
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