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Originally Posted by haven_seeker View Post
Well, there's bound to be people in all camps and viewpoints, so let me put this out there: While I'm not certain on the threat level of the virus itself, I think the reaction of the public and the world at large has been nothing short of hysterical on every level.

I'm not sure anything in this world is this bad that each nation has reacted to it to the level that they have.

Am I convinced of the conspiracy theory that this was all a hoax, to achieve some unidentified agenda? I'm not there yet, but I'm cynical to a fault on even the best of days, so the theory has been at the very back of my mind since the beginning calmly pawing at my synapses every so often.

I truly believe that what I've seen so far, based on my uneducated opinion and experience, that the reaction and hysteria has been worse than the virus by exponential measure.

Just one man's opinion. Please don't kill me. I wear a quartz watch, remember?
All throughout human history the majority choose hysteria over calm. Itís just easier to be hysterical. Human beings are emotional. Thereís nothing emotional about calm.
Morality does not derive from consensus. It only comes from one place.

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