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Originally Posted by Islandtrojan671 View Post
Hello, I have a brand new 228238 day date 40 and need to remove some links from the bracelet. I don’t want to take it to an AD as I’m worried they may scratch the bracelet during sizing.
Smartest decision you can make.
Learn to do it yourself, if you never have. Use tape to protect surfaces and HEAT to soften the loctitie. (Don't heat the watch head itself.) Get the PROPER size screwdriver, no cheap import garbage. Cheap tools gall and slip and break.

It is easy. I learned to do it myself after having ham-fisted idiots damage bracelets and pins (aka the screws.) No one will be more careful with your watch than you. And if you do slip - you'll have a 'bit' of comfort in knowing that at least it was YOU and not some reckless untrained sales idiot who did it.
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