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Originally Posted by unknown View Post
Sometimes the first examples are more expensive sometimes the last

Take the 5711 steel... the 2019-2020 are definitely more expensive than a 2006-2008-....
Maybe because of the hacking second ?

Concerning the FPJ CB.... no idea if there is a big difference between a 2010 and 2019
If so.... maybe the 2019-2020 were ment for special clients cause afaik around that time they did not take extra orders and a bit later I was told only VIP could order one.
Also today.... if you’re on the list you can forget it. Seems they don’t make or deliver them anymore unless you are a top FPJ client

How is a top client being defined? Someone who’s been with the brand since the early days or someone already owned a few pieces?

I think FPJ does not care where you got the pieces (boutique vs AD vs auction). Is that correct?
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