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Originally Posted by Xabier View Post
Hi all! Recently bought a 1979 17000 which appears to have a non tritium dial and a non open 6&9 date and mint hands. So I assume it may have had an overhaul. However it's losing 2 sec a day and have noticed it loses a lot more time and randomly stops ticking when I have my air conditioner running and my room cools. Seems to struggle when the watch is at 20-22c.

Anyone ever had such issues?

Guess it's off for a service. Also battery was replaced hoping it would resolve the issue.

not an expert but:

- 2s a day seems like normal drift
- when the battery runs out it will do a half-tick back and then forward, so it looks stuck, then it stops altogether. See how it performs after the battery swap.
- 1979 should have open 6&9.
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